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Client Service & Technical Expertise

Red Octopus, LLC is a cybersecurity consulting company specializing in penetration testing and related red team services. Our top priorities are client service and technical expertise.

We offer the most comprehensive approach to our testing, and we specialize in pentesting critical infrastructure and sensitive environments. We partner with our clients to help them assess their risks and remediate vulnerabilities.


Along with our standard offerings, we often customize services for our clients, aligning them with their requirements and strategic initiatives. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal, external and wireless network penetration tests
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Social engineering tests
  • Red Team engagements
  • A “Dip-your-toe-in” experience for clients new to technical security assessment
  • Education and remediation

We test in black box and white box conditions and offer customizable attacker profiles to provide the most realistic test possible. While doing this, safety is of utmost concern and we have years of experience working with critical infrastructure and within sensitive environments. 


    Continuing education and certification are critical to staying on top of the newest threats and integral to our ability to offer the most innovative solutions. Along with years of experience in critical infrastructure and sensitive environments, we are OSCP certified and are continually testing and learning in simulated and live environments to keep our skills sharp.


    We Partner with Our Clients to Provide Them with the Best Experience Possible

    Client experience is our utmost priority. From our first interaction with a potential client through the final reporting and remediation phase, we continually strive to partner with our clients and give them the highest service.

    Clients we provide service to range from healthcare-adjacent services to entertainment and transportation. We are specialized and experienced in providing services to HIPAA covered entities.

    From technicals to the way we partner and communicate with our clients, no one can do it better.

    To find out how our services can benefit your company, schedule a strategy session with us.